Project by Sma-RTy

Sma-Rty is an Italian-French startup group that deals with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision. Through close interaction with research institutes, Sma-Rty develops applications for the perfect integration of advanced artificial intelligence technologies in real life.
The Sma-Rty staff has a highly specialized profile with important past experiences in the academic world and skills ranging from image analysis to artificial intelligence, from 5G communication to the optimization of computing on embedded systems.
The 5G Automotive Digital Twin (ADT) project aims to experiment and validate an innovative system, based on 5G technologies and Artificial Intelligence for driving assistance and support.
The ADT system uses traffic cameras and 5G infrastructure to create a digital representation of the scene, in the form of "Digital Twin".
This representation is used to simulate the behaviour of road users in a virtual environment in order to predict possible danger conditions in the real world and with the aim of improving road safety.
Starting from the acquisition of video flows, the behavioural models of the detected entities and their visual characteristics (for example, the type, color, shape, speed) will be reconstructed.
The ADT model then works by gathering information from local and simulation units, to provide a proactive non-invasive service for improving road safety.
The experimentation activated within Torino City Lab will therefore concern the validation of the functionalities of the digital twin model and the accuracy of the reconstructed model.