5T manages the Mobility and Infomobility Centre of the Torino metropolitan and Piedmontese area, as in-house company of the City of Torino and the Piemonte Regional Government.

For over 25 years of activity, 5T designs, implements and manages intelligent transport systems and provides services with the aim of simplifying the mobility of people, vehicles and goods. The company’s strength is innovation: from new service models to the potential of the latest technological and digital paradigms in order to meet the ever-changing needs of citizens and to guarantee its members the economic and financial sustainability of their projects and systems. mobility.

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Participation in the development of the City Lab model with activities to support the city through the organization and coordination of projects, meetings, workshops and territorial animation events. Availability to host experiments in the internal and external areas of the building concerning the mission related projects for Toolbox.

Structure suitable and equipped also for activities requiring physical integration between laboratory activities and office work with access 24/7. Immediate availability of huge supplies of electric power due to the presence of a medium voltage transformer station.

Rappresentante amministrativo: Aurelio Balestra Ruolo: Amministratore delegato
Contatto operativo: Francesca Meinero
Indirizzo: Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2
Telefono: 011/3157111
Sito web: www.toolboxcoworking.com
Facebook e IG: Toolbox Coworking
Email: francesca.meinero@toolboxcoworking.comaurelio.balestra@toolboxcoworking.com

Services and innovation for smart mobility

5T offers support in use cases analysis and for potential applications testing in the fields of MaaS models, ticketing and smart payment systems, shared mobility services, innovative infomobility services and connected vehicle and autonomous driving.

5T provides data on traffic and mobility data collected from the infrastructure of Mobility and Infomobility Centre of the City of Torino. Some datasets are already available in open data format on Muoversi a Torino website (www.muoversiatorino.it), the infomobility service of the City of Torino.

E-mail: francesca.marinetto@5t.torino.it

On going testing

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