Abbasso Impatto



Abbasso impatto is a project based on the collaborative economy and built on the model of Solidarity Purchasing Groups (GAS).

It aims to reduce the environmental impact of consumption in catering and hospitality businesses and to ensure sustainable prices for supplies through group purchasing, with the mediation of Verdessenza che:

It carries out an assessment of the needs of catering and hospitality businesses,
Identifies and selects product and service groups through environmental considerations from a lifecycle perspective (selecting those with significantly higher impacts),
It drafts the Minimum Environmental Criteria through which it selects the suppliers that guarantee a production process that is more attentive to social and environmental sustainability,
It markets the products to the businesses that have requested them.
The experimentation area identified is the San Salvario district of Turin, the project's target are all the catering and hospitality businesses: nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, b&bs...

Project partners: Agenzia per lo Sviluppo locale di San Salvario and Colenghi srl. 

Look at the video presentation about the project