At the moment, the City of Turin is covered by connectivity networks both public and private, which use different communication protocols based on their purpose.

Examples are public Wi-Fi networks, fiber networks in some public buildings, 4G and 5G radiomobile networks and Lorawan network for IoT applications. In order to make testing easier, the City grants access to some facilities in pre-defined areas.


The City of Turin has covered some public areas with a Wi-fi network, to grant free access to both citizens and tourists.

Torino has joined the FreeItaliaWifi project, the first national federal network of free wireless internet access. The connession is granted for a maximum of 12 hours per day, or 750 Mbs of traffic. The public Wi-Fi access can be useful to easily engage with the users for testing activities that require the use of apps or platforms that need real-time feedback. The coverage is being extended as of now, thanks to some experimentations brought by private subjects. For more information regarding covered areas and access modality go to

4G and 5G Radiomobile network

Iren’s LoRaWAN network for IoT

The Iren group is finishing the creation of a telecom network dedicated to IoT through a sponsorship of a 5T project about smart parking for disabled people.

Thanks to Iren and CSP participation to the IoT lab of 2017, this network will be available to the City of Turin and to the firms who test IoT solutions through Torino City Lab. The network will be composed of gateways, which use the LoRaWAN protocol, that cover the City’s territory and of platforms for managing, maintaining and visualize data. This will allow IoT devices to be connected without the use of Wi-fi networks or mobile operators. Iren’s main goal is to give to the city a dedicated IoT network, that can enable services for the public with lowe energy consumption and low costs of installation and maintenance. The rules to use the network are being defined as of now, and will be released to the public before September 2019 through this site.