Cyber Security



Experimental duration 18 months

Following "the Public Notice for the research of subjects interested in the application of technological solutions in the field of IoT, IoD - Smart City on the territory of Turin" and the acceptance of the proposal of Cisco by the City of Turin, Cisco intends to launch an experiment of Cyber Security solutions aimed at securing the IoT solutions proposed and accepted within the call itself.

In particular, it is intended to apply the Cisco IoT Thread Defense strategy and solutions to IoT projects proposed by participating companies and available for collaboration. These solutions will be created through experimentation and integration of the IoT solutions proposed by other companies with the Cyber Security solutions proposed by Cisco.

The technological solutions that can be applied to the project for the City of Turin fall into the following families of solutions / products and will be provided by Cisco through a partner identified among the certified partners:

  • Policy-based access control (Identity Services Engine)
  • Hardware segmentation and traffic inspection (Next-Generation FireWall)
  • Secure Internet Gateway (Umbrella)
  • Anomaly detection (Stealthwatch)
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Secure remote access (AnyConnect)
  • Policy-based enforcement (TrustSec)
  • Web proxy analysis (Cognitive Threat Analytics)
  • Malware analytics (Threat Grid)
  • Incident response