Complete Curb Management

Project by Automotus

Complete Curb Management is a project of Automotus, a start-up located in Los Angeles.

Automotus analytics software run on cameras overlooking in street parking and street traffic to capture data and monitor for compliance on all forms of mobility including buses, passenger vehicles, delivery trucks, ride-sharing vehicles, scooters, bikes and pedestrian.

Automotus technology covers all segments of curb management operations from enforcement and real-time data to analytical insights, and tackles the growing problems associated both with newer forms of mobility and traditional parking.

Automotus is one of the company inserted in the “Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator", a three-years acceleration program in Smart Mobility domain. Within this program, supported by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, Automotus will improve a testing consisting in the integration of the Automotus video analytics software with an existing camera managed by 5T - the in-house company of The City of Torino for providing info mobility services – and technical comparison on the analytics available with respect to the reference area.

In this framework Automotus will be accompany by 5T and by the City of Turin, thorough its Mobility Department, which will observe and evaluate testing activities.