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Experimental duration 9 months

The aim of the project is to provide a warm meal, with a balanced and adequate supply of essential nutrients, to the homeless adults staying at the Night Homes (CON) run by the Stranaidea Cooperative.

With this project Stranaidea will ensure 100 meals, five times a week, which are in addition to the two meals that the voluntary associations already provide to CON, with the coordination of the Cooperative itself. In this way the service will be guaranteed every day of the year.

The project includes the collection of food surpluses (with a special Piaggio Bee van with electric motor for heat transport), the selection and treatment of foodstuffs for the preparation of pre-cooked meals, and their distribution to the guests of the CON, with the use of trainees, guests of the CON and volunteers, under the operational guidance of a manager of the cooperative.

The project was born from three needs:

  1. Provide a hot meal to CON guests, who in many cases are unable to access public canteens (due to lack of food or logistical difficulties).
  2. Provide support to the psychological well-being of CON guests through their involvement in the management of food resources and service in general, strengthening their sense of responsibility towards themselves and the community, thus contributing to their easier integration into the community.
  3. Disposing of food surpluses, since the new rules against food waste pose the problem of how to manage surpluses and unsold items to businesses and large-scale distribution, which must be administered in accordance with the new laws.
    For the realization of the project Stranaidea is collaborating with the Agenzia San SalvarioBanco FrescoBanco AlimentareProgetto Arca, and numerous voluntary associations.

Look at the video presentation about this project