Drones detection and identification system

Project by AUS.TECH Srl

The high diffusion of drones in recent years has lead to an increase of the risk of unauthorized flights, that can be potentially dangerous for the citizen. The Drone Tracking System created by AUS.TECH s.r.l. creates an area in which is possible to both track the trajectories of drones as well as recognizing the model and the unique MAC address.
It is a passive and non-invasive solution, based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) sensors, which therefore does not create discomfort to the population and does not interfere with other radio systems. The system is also highly configurable and can be integrated with other technologies, provided by third parties, such as cameras, Radar and jammers (for the contrast of the done).
This technology offers a great potential that can be spent on public security (big events, port areas, airports, police) and private security (industrial facilities).

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