Torino City Lab is open to innovations in the environmental sector.

The main topics of interest are:

1- Clean technologies, that can limit or eliminate environmental impact of production processes. This includes recycling, renewable energy, efficiency in transportation and lighting sources, reduction of packaging and every other idea which aims to drastically reduce natural resources’ use and the creation of waste.

2- Solutions aimed to circular and sharing economy, an economic paradigm that rethinks the linear models of consumption, reducing waste and boosting the reuse of resources. These models are based on five principles: sustainable inputs, extension of the life of the product, sharing platforms, servitization and elongation of the end-life of the product. The application in urban areas space between different economic sectors, creating new forms of social relations and community. Some examples are food and organic materials fabrics, construction material, plastics and city mining.

3- Nature based solutions, aimed to preserve and manage the functionalities of natural ecosystems in a sustainable way, or to bring it back in ecosystems changed by men. This solutions tackle challenges created by the society in an effective and flexible way, focusing on human wellbeing, biodiversity, climate change, food and water safety, risk prevention and socio-economic development. The City of Turin is partner of the European project “ProGiReg”, that is creating a living lab in order to test 8 nature-based solutions with the active involvement of the citizens.

The dedicated areas as of now are:

1) The Environment Park Headquarters in Area Spina 3.
2) The Mirafiori Sud area, where the “Living Lab sulla Natura” is situated - ProGiReg.