Dora Park will be the testing area for drones operations: it is an optimal area for its position, security conditions and technology infrastructure.

DORALab aims to promote and support the development of testing activities on technologies used for the flight of drones, helping to promote, in this way, research in the field of remote piloted aircraft and the development of a sector, such as aerospace, strategic for the economic system of the territory of Turin.

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For the DORALab management the City of Turin has started strategic partnerships. TIM, the biggest telecom provider in Italy, supports DORALab for 5G connectivity and for the tools regarding the modelization of the routes.

The Politecnico di Torino will help DORALab testers with analysis and evaluation of the experimentations, and will also develop formative activities linked to drone technology aimed to both students and professionals.

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A perfect area, like an open-air laboratory for testing and create new solutions to develop the concept of smart city

Through the Doralab drones technologies will be tested step by step in order to codevelop and test new services applied in the various smart city sectors. The drones will be tested in the park through use cases, so to understand its safety and reliability. Thanks to testing in this special area, then further use cases could be gradually implemented in other areas of the city where the new services will be delivered with the authorization of Enac.

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ENAC is the Civil Aviation Authority in Italy and in the framework of EU regulations.

ENAC is therefore the Italian single authority in the technical regulation, certification, supervision and control of civil aviation with powers conferred by the Italian Navigation Code.

ENAC has established a strong connection with a number of international bodies and cooperates and holds a leadership position in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the specialized agency of the United Nations charged with the task of defining common regulatory and technical civil aviation standards within its member countries.
Within the Council of ICAO, Italy provides its contribution in the following areas: Technology and development policies; European Union; ECAC, (European Civil Aviation Conference), a pan-European intergovernmental organization for convergence and cooperation in the field of air transport; EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), a legal entity that is responsible for defining common levels of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation within the EU member countries.

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