Full Flight View (F2V)


The project involves the use of drones for innovative solutions of territory control, through the integration of technological solutions produced by different companies (Telespazio, e-GEOS, DBW, MPB e ADPM). Combining the use of a multi-rotor drone equipped with a 360° stereoscopic camera, electromagnetic wave sensor and thermal camera together with a harmless drone with full HD video and thermal camera, it will be tested the production of 3D maps of electromagnetic field, infrastructure control with 360° camera and video surveillance. All data produced, integrated with other multi-platform and multitemporal data, will be embedded on the Aware platform, in order to make the access and use easier. This technology will also test for the first time the effectiveness of Satellite integration as well as 5G on drones.
The high innovative content of this solution, in addition to the individual aspects of the various technologies used, lies in their integration and in the development of a value-added procedure on multiple application areas and adaptable to different operational scenarios.
The tests will be executed in the DORALab and in Parco Stura.

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