Green Pea is the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of Respect.

It opened on the 9th of December 2020 in Turin – one of Italy's most innovative cities – in Lingotto district, next to the first Eataly store opened in 2007. It is the Farinetti family's third business project: after UniEuro and Eataly, now Green Pea. Green Pea is a place of beauty and Respect to give birth to a new way of consuming: with every purchase you can become part of the change.


Green Pea is the place to discover the beautiful side of sustainability:

- Eco-friendly products and services designed to change your relationship with energy, movement, home, clothing, and leisure..
- At Green Pea, you will find high-quality products crafted in harmony with Nature.
- Through the five floors of the building, you can experience an innovative commercial offer made by more than 160 Made in Italy innovative companies, from mobility to design, from fashion to food and beverage.

- n. 32 clothing stores
- n. 24 furnishing stores
- n. 1 car dealer
- n. 2 energy and service shops
- n. 1 connectivity store
- n. 1 bank
- n.1 laundry
- n.1 bookshop
- n. 1 tourist office
- n.1 museum
- n. 1 beauty point
- n. 1 cocktail bar
- n. Michelin-star restaurant
- n. 1 swimming pool
- n. 1 spa
- n. creative idleness club
All in one, 72 places of beauty and respect.