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Torino City Lab is open to any company (Start-ups, SMEs, Social Enterprises, Industry) willing to test innovative solutions at the pre-commercial phase in any domain of the “Smart City”

Open Application:

Proposal could be submitted anytime during the year and in any domain of public interest.

Your application will then be automatically available for eligibility check. Only complete application will be admitted to the evaluation phase within the “Technical Commitee”. You may be invited anytime for a physical meeting or you could be asked for further info on your proposal. You will receive feedback on the evaluation in 60 working days, from the day of dispatch, whether in the affirmative or negative. The list of admitted trials will be made public here as well as on the Institutional website of the City of Torino.
For eligible proposals that require specific authorizations, the process may take another 45 days to be finalized and ready for testing.
To start testing activities, an "experimentation contract" will be prepared - according to the model made available - which will specify the commitments and interests of the company and the City of Turin ( and / or partners involved) during the trial period.


REMEMBER: the administration reserves the right to temporarily close the "evaluation period" in the event that the number of proposals exceeds nr. 10, in order to ensure a deep but uniform assessment, according to the deadlines indicated above.


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Participation to Call for Challenges:

The City Administration and/or other TCL Partner can periodically launch specific “Call for challenges” linked to sectoral policies, territories and technologies. The participation will then be possible in response to these Calls and specific rules can be made explicit here. This will lead to the creation of sectoral “LABS”. At the moment, some labs are ongoing, as being launched within the previous initiative Torino Living Lab now part of Torino City Lab.



Info on future “Calls” will be available here.




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