Project by REGOLA S.R.L. 

IMMAGINA - IMaging MAnagement Guidelines and Informatics Network for law enforcement Agencies.


The project sets-up an innovative solution for the emergency response sector based on 5G and space technologies. The solution consists of the harmonization and integration of different existing solutions with emergency management systems and alerting systems for the population.  The project offers an innovative suit for law enforcement and emergency response based on:

  • Emergency control room solutions that will act as centralized data sharing, archive including an operational planning/management system
  • Users/operators applications for mobile and augmented reality devices
  • Satellite images collection and visualization module.
  • Crowd source analysis: the solution can inspect and categorize social media and news data source to provide a customizable semantic filtered subset of information. It realizes a solution of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT).

Our product will further be able to integrate two additional experimental software modules specifically meant for the two demonstrations we intend to execute:

  • crowd counting and crowd analysis: such solution will be able to analyse a live video stream in order to identify group of people (counting the presence of people) or to identify specific behaviour of people (e.g.: walking with a bag)
  • fire propagation simulator

Finally, the project will allow the interoperability of solutions for real-time imaging in urban areas and in the visible and infrared channels, able to provide input data to the above-mentioned software:

  • fixed and handheld cameras: high definition camera as well as high performance thermal imaging camera will be adopted and integrated in the solution to support crowd counting and crowd analysis software.
  • drones and airplanes: flying units will be equipped with sensors or camera and their result will be immediately exploitable from the emergency management system
  • stratospheric platforms: rapid launch of stratospheric balloons equipped with sensors or cameras and rapid exploitation of results (no need to wait the landing of sensors)
  • Satellite data elaboration (Earth Observation)

The project will produce a turn-key solution by which end ---

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