Located in the heart of Tokyo, LCUBE is a young consulting firm offering more than 40 years of combined diverse experience of the founders gained living and working in three continents.

LCUBE' services are offered at the client’s request in English, Japanese, Korean, or Italian. With its experience in several fields, LCUBE can help organizations across all industries build a winning strategy, connect with the right people to establish successful partnerships, and leverage the existing strengths to develop the next best-selling product of service. It works with large corporations, startups, governments, academia, and research institutions. It represents the reference point for anyone interested in the Japanese market.


LCUBE helps companies and public institutions navigate towards the future, and make innovation happen

- Synergies with its own networks and involvement of potential partners
- Support for networking and the activation of collaborations between the EU and Japan
- Support to enter the Japanese market

- In-depth knowledge of the Japanese market with a specialization in highly technological products and services
- Organization of scientific and technology webinars and seminars
- Evaluation of technologies and patents in collaboration with partners