Mirafiori Urban Farming

Project by Grow Up Srl in collaboration with Soluzioni Artistiche APS, Il Laboratorio APS and ARCI Servizio Civile Piemonte.


The experimentation, carried out within the framework of the European project proGireg, aims to test under real conditions aquaponic horticultural cultivation in an urban context through the design, construction and management of three demonstration plants of different scales: micro, medium and semi-commercial/educational.

All in the urban context of Mirafiori Sud in synergy between professional agricultural operators, local social organizations and citizens through participatory, scalable, technologically advanced and sustainable processes.

Specific site of the experimentation in Mirafiori is Cascina Cassotti Balbo. In order to extend the experimentation and demonstration actions under real conditions also to the Porta Palazzo-Piazza della Repubblica area and neighbouring streets, a plant is planned to be set up at the "Comunità Giulia" in Via Cigna 18.

The activity includes the identification of key indicators (KPIs) for assessing the impacts of the specific trial, which will be defined within the first quarter from the start of the trial.

The proposal is one of the winners of the Public Notice LIVING LAB ACQUAPONICA PROGIREG, launched by the City of Turin in June 2021, for the allocation of grants to projects experimenting with innovative aquaponics solutions in real-world conditions, in order to assess their technical feasibility, potential access and market sustainability as well as the related positive impacts on the target communities.


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