Mitte Garten

Project by Mitte Garten Azienda Agricola Srl

The experiment, carried out within the framework of the European proGireg project, involves the initiation of aquaponic cultivation through the construction of tanks containing plants and fish linked by a mutual exchange of resources. The aim of the project is to re-evaluate the area where the structure will be built, involving the citizenry and particularly schools and rehabilitation centers through site visits. The idea is to create a high-impact facility that succeeds in conveying passion and curiosity to any visitor.

In detail, the experimental plan is to start a 40-square-meter aquaponics cultivation system at the Gonella Nursery in Strada Castello di Mirafiori 60, inside a 90-square-meter greenhouse. The system takes advantage of a tank constructed of wood and insulated with polystyrene. The tank contains water in which swim special Asian herbivorous fish useful for the system's operation.
Various types of plants such as: lettuce, basil, tomatoes, edible flowers, and zucchini float above the water. Water control is the most important part of the system, and specific pH and electrical conductivity controls are needed to be able to monitor plant and fish life.

The initiative is the first example of an aquaponics plant, an emerging technology related to urban agriculture, in the City of Turin, and is intended to stimulate experimentation with this type of innovative technology, also with a view to subsequent market deployment.

The activity also includes the identification of key indicators (KPIs) for assessing the impacts of the specific experimentation, which will be defined within the first quarter from the start of the trial.

The proposal is one of the winners of the Public Notice LIVING LAB ACQUAPONICA PROGIREG, launched by the City of Turin in June 2021, for the allocation of grants to projects experimenting with innovative aquaponics solutions in real-world conditions, in order to assess their technical feasibility, potential access and market sustainability as well as the related positive impacts on target communities.