Monitoraggio idropluviometrico

Project by CAE S.P.A.


Experimentation period Until December 2019

The project aims at the hydropluviometric monitoring and the consequent warning in case of flood emergency in the area of Fioccardo, characterized by the confluence of the Sangone and Sappone rivers with the Po rivers, near the border between Turin and Moncalieri.

In addition to facilitating Civil Protection activities and allowing the use of new communication protocols based on IoT technologies, the project also aims to experiment with new ways of involving the population affected by the events.

Technically, the present experimentation foresees the installation of a hydropluviometric station which, when one or more preset critical thresholds are reached, can trigger pre-alarm and/or alarm scenarios. The possibility of correlating the rainfall intensity data with the channel level data, will allow to anticipate the alert and to communicate it promptly to the responsible Authorities. In particular, the station will allow you to activate in real time a warning via SMS to users identified by the Administration as personnel in charge.

The data acquired in real time will be viewable by the Administration also thanks to a Web server made available by the station. 

Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – Phone +39 051 4992711