The first phase of the InTO experimental project has been inaugurated. It was conceived and implemented by Italdesign's new "Mobility Solutions" department to offer users of the Turin metro an immediate and simple service that makes the use of the metro more comfortable.

Inside the Re Umberto station, LEDs have been installed above the doors that allow access on board the carriages; when the train arrives at the station, the LEDs light up to indicate the state of crowding of the wagon: GREEN in the case of a free carriage, YELLOW in the case of a semi-full carriage and ORANGE in the case of a full carriage.

InTO was born from the need to favour the balanced filling of all the carriages of the same train, allowing the final traveller to identify those less crowded and thus improve the quality of his journey.

The algorithm behind InTO provides a service for citizens, guaranteeing their right to privacy: the images used by the security cameras are not stored but are used exclusively to count the number of people on board. The trial will last approximately one year.

Inside the stations an information campaign has been activated that explains to the travellers the objectives and the functioning of the project, also illustrated on the dedicated website

The project is the result of a collaboration between Italdesign, Città di Torino, GTT and with the technical support of Funkwerk and IGPDecaux.