The City of Torino from 3 to 5 September participated in Openlivinglab Days Conference, the annual meeting of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

ENOLL is the network created in 2006 by the European Union and currently brings together over 130 Living Labs active worldwide. Its objective is to support and disseminate a new approach to innovation, collaborative and open, based on the needs of citizens also encouraging the development of partnerships between public, private, users and citizens.

For years, the City of Torino has been successfully using the living lab approach, i.e. the creation of open innovation ecosystems that integrate research and innovation processes and encourage experimentation in real life contexts. From the first experience in the Campidoglio district in 2016, through the Living Lab on collaborative and circular economy that will soon end in Torino City Lab, through which it aims to attract startups and investors and become a recognized and open interaction hub for technological innovation.

The meeting in Thessaloniki was therefore an interesting opportunity for discussion in which the City shared experiences, practices and working methods. In particular, the European project proGIreg was presented, of which the City is a partner and which has the living lab as its working method. ProGIreg involves citizens, companies and the world of research in the realization of NBS - natural based solutions - in the district of Mirafiori Sud. These solutions have many benefits (environmental, social, but also related to the development of new professional work) and through the project we intend to work on the regeneration of abandoned spaces and land in order to make the neighborhood and the city increasingly green and livable.

During the meeting was also presented a paper that analyzes the experience of the Living lab on collaborative and circular economy in order to verify the results and possible developments in other contexts. The paper has aroused a lot of interest, confirming and enhancing the positive choice of encouraging development and innovation through the direct involvement of citizens and all local resources active in the area.

The comparison and exchange of information and opportunities with other realities that are carrying out similar projects worldwide represents an added value that will bring results and positive effects.