The market consultation "Smart Cities, smart mobility & logistics", organised within the Smarter Italy Programme, begins. On 15th of June from 10 AM to 5 PM on the dedicated digital platform will take place the first confrontation with companies, startups and research centers.

The path of consultation and dialogue will allow to collect the elements useful for the preparation of one or more tenders with a total value of 20 million euro aimed at research and development of new tools to meet the following challenges:

-forecasting and managing traffic flows (Challenge 1)
-to meet the mobility needs of areas with low or medium-low transport demand and characterised by considerable spatial and temporal dispersion (challenge 2)
-to improve the mobility of goods in cities, addressing an increased need for last-mile freight transport by reducing consumer travel (Challenge 3)
-to improve the mobility of goods and people in historic town centres and villages, in complex urban settings and often closed to vehicular traffic (challenge 4)

The presentation of the needs will take place with the collaboration of the City of Turin and the other ten Italian municipalities that have contributed to outline the needs and that will be the place to test the proposed solutions. In addition, it will include some smaller villages to represent the demographic characteristics of our country at 360º.

The aim of the market consultation days is to allow Agid, the contracting station, to acquire useful elements for the preparation of the Smart mobility innovation tender.

The tender will be launched in the coming months and published on, the national portal for innovative procurement.

The comparison path will see subsequent moments of deepening, also on the basis of the needs expressed by the market and Agid.

Torino Wireless, partner of Torino City Lab, supports the participation of the companies of our territory inside the ICT Pole and the SmartCommunitiesTech Cluster with information and insights on the call for tenders, support to partner search and aggregation of proposals, support to interaction with cities.

Participation is open to all operators, be they companies, universities, research centres, third sector bodies, individuals, etc., after submitting the registration form for the market consultation.

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