The experimentation of the STARTorino project by the company DMA has come to an end.

The project has developed a diagnostic system for the infrastructure and equipment of railway and tramway tracks, through an innovative portable 4-wheel trolley specially equipped with cameras, laser sensors, geolocation sensors. The DMA diagnostic trolley will automatically detect track faults in real time, allowing the operator to effectively process intervention plans.

For the experimentation, GTT has made available a section of low-distance railway track (to limit the impact on the road network), so as to test the solutions adopted on suitable infrastructures and in real conditions.

Following the track geometry surveys carried out in August 2019, and after having assessed the technological capabilities of the diagnostic systems, it was decided, in agreement between the parties, to extend the project to a further fundamental measurement object: the marbling.

Marbling measurements are the ones of surface defects on the rail head which, by transmitting vibrations to the rolling stock and to the track itself, cause deterioration of the parts over time and also degrade passenger comfort.

These latter findings have made it possible to consolidate the technological basis on which the instrumentation is based and thus to continue with the design of the final version.

See the project sheet here