As part of the European project 5G-Tours, Torino City Lab in collaboration with TIM and Fondazione Torino Musei, carried out the first drive tests of the telepresence robot at Palazzo Madama and GAM.

The tests provided important indications on the robot’s ability to move in the rooms of the museum, on different types of floors, in the midst of artworks, glass and mirrors, on the quality of the transmitted images and on the semi-autonomous driving skills.

In Turin, 5G-TOURS will implement different use cases of these telepresence robot, which will use 5G technology for:

  • extend access to exclusive areas of museums to a previously excluded audience;
  • provide new educational experiences for schools.

 At Palazzo Madama, visitors will be “remotely accompanied” by a guide to visit the ancient Roman and mediaeval basements of the building through the “robot’s eye”, a really suggestive location that for safety reasons is generally closed to the public.

At GAM, student classes will be able to perform directly from their schools a “treasure hunt” in which, by means of a gamification experience, they will be conducted through the paintings and sculptures of the museum while learning about the artists, techniques and curiosities of the artworks.

The next activities will focus on the definition of the specific contents targeted for the telepresence experience, the design and implementation of the platform to enable the use cases and further tests related to 5G connectivity and performances.

The project  5G-Tours aims to test and use 5G technologies to provide useful, efficient and reliable services to citizens and tourists. The specific investment planned by the City of Torino concerns the tourist-cultural field. 

For more information about the European project 5G-Tours go to this page.