For some months now, the employees of the City of Turin have been experiencing different working situations: some are working in presence for essential services, others are carrying out their professional activity in smart working, but in both cases the organization of work is changing, which must increasingly take into account the new technologies. 

With the aim of making all workers increasingly prepared for telework and smart working, the City of Turin in collaboration with Cisco Networking Academy has developed a training cycle for the development of digital skills called "The road to digital: obstacles and opportunities" .

Below are the 5 webinars of one hour each starting on February 2.

  • 1 WEBINAR, Feb. 2 9:30-10:30 a.m., The Transition to Digital and Digital Skills Mapping
  • 2 WEBINAR, February 16, 2:30-3:30 p.m., Connected and Safe: surfing the Internet with awareness.
  • 3 WEBINAR, March 2 hours 2:30 -3:3 0p.m., Cybersecurity: the computer security and the smartworking.
  • 4 WEBINAR, March 16 hours 2:30 - 3:.30 p.m., Devices, systems and computer services.
  • 5 WEBINAR, March 30, 2:30 -3:30 p.m., Digital Transformation: Smart cities and digital services to citizens.

At the end of the course, with the participation in the five meetings and after passing the final test will be issued a Digital Badge certifying the knowledge gained.

The webinar will be in Italian language.