Junker App wins the 23rd edition of the Ecohitech Award in the Green Pie category, a contest launched within the first Circular Laboratory of the City of Turin and realized with the partners LUMIFondazione Torino Wireless and Green Pea

Junker App wins "for having incentivized virtuous actions favouring the correct differentiation of waste". A special mention goes to Mercato Itinerante "for having supported the local and circular economy".

Who are Junker App and Itinerant Market?

Junker is a free app to properly sort waste: just frame with your smartphone the barcode of the product and on the display will appear the indication on how to dispose of the packaging. 

Mercato Itinerante is an innovative platform that manages the different market stall of Porta Palazzo in Turin.  Every day, deliveries are made with cargo bicycles, taking care to use as little plastic as possible for the packaging of food.

Green Pie, the first circular innovation laboratory of the City of Turin is presented to the public in June 2021 as a project that sees the collaboration of TCL with Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world.

During the summer, at the corner of Turismo Torino e Provincia in the spaces of Green Pea, 12 green transition projects are presented to the public to inform, divulge and discuss increasingly important and topical issues.

"From Green Pea to Green Pie" is the claim that defines the project, and that recalls in the "pie" the circularity of the inaugurated laboratory.

In July 2021, the contest for the world of "Enterprise" is defined, within the XXIII edition of the Ecohitech Award, a historic award that since 1998 enhances the best practices in the smart city.

In particular, thanks to TCL, LUMI and Fondazione Torino Wireless the creation of a special category of the award called "Green Pie" - from the name of the laboratory - has been promoted to reward the best projects of circular and sustainable innovation.

Yesterday, October 28th, Junker App won the contest, taking home the first prize in the Green Pie category.

Congratulations to Junker and to all the first attendees of Green Pie contest!