The European interest in Torino in the green, circular and sustainable field continues.

In November, the students of the Master in Food Systems Innovation of the Aeres University of applied Sciences of Almere (Netherlands) broadened their knowledge on urban food systems with a study tour that took them to Ghent - Belgium, Soest/Dortmund - Germany, Torino - Italy and Nairobi - Kenya. This last city was visited virtually.

During this tour students learned about different aspects of urban food systems such as inclusion, food waste reduction, sustainable food production for the city, food security, food access and food policies.

From November 24th to 27th the students visited the City of Turin and within the European project Fusilli, which aims to fostering urban food systems through innovative living labs, were diving into the local food policy aimed at healthy and sustainable food for everyone.

During their visit at the city of Turin the students were diving into policy for healthy and sustainable food for everyone. They experienced the food system of Turin by visiting the largest food market in Europe: Porta Palazzo, the Mercato Centrale next to Porta Palazzo, Eataly, the community garden Orti Generali, and different restaurants like Qubi Torino.

On November 26th at the CLE (Campus Luigi Einaudi) Egidio Dansero, professor at the University of Turin, gave a lecture on  how urban food policies have developed the past years in Italy and Europe. He discussed successes and pitfalls in developing and implementing food policy strategies. 

The MFSI students then also wanted to meet with a number of local stakeholders to get a better idea of the possibility of implementing a sustainable, inclusive food policy and to better frame its challenges.

The stakeholders were representatives of the university of Turin (Egidio Dansero and Federico Cuomo), the FUSILLI PM for the municipality of Turin (Paola Baravalle) and the social inclusion association Eufemia (Guilia Farfoglia) . This led to an interesting discussion and new insights for both the students and the stakeholders of Turin.

Here some photos of the visit to Orti Generali and to the University.