On Wednesday 13th February (1 p.m., Sala Colonne of Palazzo Civico) a press conference is scheduled for the presentation of Lab IoT/IoD, the open innovation laboratory activated by the City of Torino within the framework of Torino City Lab to support the development and testing under real conditions of Internet of Things enabled solutions in key sectors of the Smart City.

The Living Lab allows to test at the same time different connectivity networks, vertical applications based on sensors that collect data from the physical environment and allow the various objects to communicate information through the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Data (IoD) schema and platforms for the analysis and representation of spatial data.

Launched with a public notice in spring 2017, Lab IoT/IoD has been active since the beginning of 2018. Companies are facilitated in carrying out testing activities under real conditions and in relation to the different sectors of the City; companies are asked to release the data obtained during the trials, thus creating a virtuous circle for both individuals and the municipal administration.

The IoT/IoD Lab is developed as part of the project "IoTorino - Internet of Turin: the city knows, decides, grows thanks to the data", which has as its focus the widespread sensing of the city for the acquisition of data (from air quality, noise level, environmental parameters, electricity consumption) that, when properly processed, can become useful information for the Public Administration - to define policies increasingly linked to the needs of citizens and the characteristics of the city - and the citizen - for the adoption of sustainable and participatory behavior.

To date, six projects have already started - thanks to the signing of six partnership agreements with companies - and others will be launched in the coming months.

For the IoT/IoD Lab, the City of Turin is availing itself of the collaboration of some key players in the territory: Fondazione Torino Wireless for networking activities and support to companies involved in the experimentation and the TOP-IX Consortium for technical assistance in terms of connectivity and data platforms.

The meeting will be attended by:

  • Paola Pisano, Deputy Mayor in charge of Innovation and Smart City of the City of Turin
  • Agostino Santoni, Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Italy
  • Riccardo Galvani, Account Manager CAE spa
  • Alessandro De Lucchi, Artys CEO
  • Antonio Serra, Director Espereal Technologies
  • Carlos Lambarri, founder&shareholder Nettrotter
  • Massimiliano Palma, Business Manager Regola
  • Giuseppe Giordano, CEO Enerbrain
  • Chiara Appendino, Mayor of the City of Turin