During the days of November 21 and 22, 2023, Riccardo Saraco, representative of Torino City Lab and the Innovation and European Projects Division of the City of Turin, actively participated in two stimulating events in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, focused on the important themes of Smart City and urban innovation.

The first appointment, held on November 21 in Mendrisio, within the framework of the 45th Meeting of the Smart City Interest Group, was the roundtable titled "Smart City: urban innovation at the local, national, and international levels". Organized by Smart City Switzerland - SvizzeraEnergia for municipalities, the event provided an interesting platform to present initiatives related to the innovation and digital and ecological transition that the City of Turin is actively pursuing.

Our intervention highlighted activities related to innovation, with particular attention to projects of Torino City Lab, CTE NEXT, 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030, in addition to numerous European projects. Participation allowed the sharing of ideas and best practices with other key players in the sector, promoting synergy among cities committed to building innovative Smart Cities.

Among other noteworthy contributions were presentations on the activities of SvizzeraEnergia for municipalities, the V2X-Suisse project on electric vehicles in the network, as well as Lugano's initiatives in the digital field in favor of energy and society, presented in the context of the Living Lab in Lugano.

On November 22, our representative continued active participation, meeting with Elena Marchiori, Digital Innovation and Research Lead, and her staff at the headquarters of the Living Lab in Lugano. During this in-depth meeting, the respective realities of smart city/living lab were explored, analyzing strategies, objectives, procedures, and addressing challenges. Furthermore, possible future collaborations were discussed, with the prospect of aligning under the common umbrella of ENoLL the European Network of Living Labs, of which Torino City Lab has been a member for several years.