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ProGIreg Living Lab take place in the discrict of Mirafiori Sud in Turin. The works conceived and designed with the associations, universities, businesses and citizens will take shape one by one over the next 2 years to form a possible route for the entire city.

ProGIreg uses nature-based solutions (NBS) for urban regeneration involving citizens in the planning, construction and maintenance of the works. The project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program and will take place from June 2018 until 2023. 

This initiative will bring Mirafiori Sud to become a real Living Lab, an open-air solutions laboratory, in which citizens will be able to experiment with 7 projects that involve the reuse and enhancement of natural resources.

Specifically, the NBS that will appear in the neighborhood are:

  • NBS2: producing and testing regenerated soil in the Sangone Park. This soil is ideal for urban forestry and the aim is to make the regenerated soil available for use in public green spaces throughout the city.
  • NBS3: Community-based urban farms and gardens in the Sangone Park
  • NBS4: implement low-cost but stable aquaponics systems. Aquaponics is the combination of raising fish (aquaculture) in tanks together with soilless cultivation of plants (hydroponics) in a symbiotic environment, whereby the fish waste water provides the nutrients needed to feed the plants.
  • NBS5: setting of green roofs and vertical gardens improve a building’s insulation, reduce storm water run-off, capture CO2, filter pollutants, and increase biodiversity.
  • NBS6: improve the accessibility to green corridors so that the cities become more livable and locals can connect more to nature.
  • NBS7: create a financial instrument to support the scaling-up of nature-based solutions. This will include a catalogue of environmental actions that companies can implement as part of their corporate social responsibility.
  • NBS8: Turin will take a socially inclusive and bottom-up approach by working with doctors and patients of mental health centres to promote pollinator-friendly spaces across the Living Lab.

Are involved in the project:

  • 8 cities: Dortmund, Torino, Zagreb, Cascais, Cluj-Napoca, Piraeus, Zenica, Ninbgo
  • 32 partners
  • 8 nature based solution (NBS)

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