Experimental duration 9 months

The project aims to apply an innovative model of circular and collaborative economy that extends the life of post-consumer textile materials, no longer reusable as such.

Through a virtuous collaboration between different subjects, RIcuciTÓ will lead to the creation of a new product to be marketed, especially in the outlying areas of the city of Turin, with the hope of contributing to their relaunch. Among the objectives is also to facilitate a process of socio-cultural awareness raising citizens' awareness of the fight against waste and the social and environmental benefits associated with the virtuous reuse and recycling of textiles, so as to educate citizens/consumers towards purchasing choices, consumption behavior and sustainable lifestyles.

The HUMANA supply chain is divided into three macro-rings: textile collection through road containers, selection and sale. After the selection phase, HUMANA identifies two outputs: clothing for reuse (70%) and non-reusable material that, on the market, has lost and continues to lose value, such as jeans that can no longer be reused. We believe it is essential to find new ways for this material to express its value rather than become an economic and environmental cost.


  1. Workshops on material transformation and development of creative concepts
    This phase will involve the students of corso di Laurea in Design e Comunicazione Visiva del Politecnico di Torino, accompanied by Professor Cristian Campagnaro, with a twofold objective: to raise students' awareness of the environmental and social benefits associated with the reuse and recycling of textiles and the potential of the circular economy and upcycling, on the other hand collect creative ideas for the subsequent realization of the prototype.
  2. Prototype realization, tests with social realities and product production
    Sartoria Sociale Il Gelso, with the technical support of the Cooperativa Sociale Occhio del Riciclone, will carry out both the prototyping and production phases in the laboratory it manages within the Casa Circondariale Lorusso e Cutugno, where 3 prisoners are employed. During this process social actors of the territory will be involved to test the prototype and collect useful inputs for its improvement. The students of the Polytechnic will be invited to view the production phase also to learn more about the reality of prison.
  3. Presentation event open to citizens in a peripheral area, communicative launch and commercialisation test
    The objective of the event will be to present the product produced and start its marketing through the network of shops identified during the project. The product will also be marketed in the two HUMANA People to People Italia stores in Turin.


Look at the video presentation about the project