Project Application

Torino City lab is a laboratory open to all companies (start-ups, SME, large companies, social enterprises, etc.) interested in testing "INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS OF PUBLIC INTEREST IN TORINO".

By "solution" we mean a product, a technology, a process, a service or a mix of these, able to respond to an identified problem.
For "Innovative" we refer to a NEW OR SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED solution compared to the European market in the sector. Therefore, solutions that are not or rarely present on the market, at the pre-commercial stage. Frontier Innovations will be privileged.
"Of public interest" means, for the purposes of this initiative, solutions that have a focus on urban living and aim to positively influence policies, services and public assets and to create "social impact" In the medium term for the areas of intervention we refer to the taxonomy of the areas of the "smart city".

Among the areas mentioned, the City of Torino pays particular attention to the following aspects of technological innovation:

  • artificial intelligence & robotics;
  • autonomous and connected vehicles;
  • drones and new services in the smart city;
  • 5G & IOT;
  • innovative tools and methods communication and for the involvement of citizens.

Specific challenges or priority areas can be identified periodically and allow to start "thematic laboratories", as a result of requests of the City Services / Departments involved, as well as a result of the comparison between the Torino City Lab partners or as part of a cooperation process. European. Sustainability (environmental, social and economic) is considered a transversal priority and will therefore be considered as a priority KPI for the selection of the solutions allowed for testing.

Free Application

The application is open all year round, in any field of public interest, through the appropriate application form.

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They have a defined duration and can have specific access requirements.

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Drones Testing

The application is open all year round and concerns experiments involving the use of drones in the Parco Dora area.

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Autonomous Car Testing

The application is open all year round and concerns experiments involving the use of autonomous vehicles. In order to start an autonomous driving test, it is necessary to be authorized by the MIT.

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