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It is announced that the project "Casa delle Tecnologie emergenti di Torino - CTE NEXT" has been recently launched and that, starting from September, will open several opportunities for acceleration, technology transfer and also financial support to trials of innovative solutions of urban interest enabled by 5G and at least one of the Emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Iot, Blockchain).

Pending, in particular the first Call4testing managed by the Municipality of Turin, according to the Torino City Lab model, the free applications of "Torino City Lab" are intended temporarily suspended.

The Torino City Lab service remains active to provide more information on the opportunities provided by CTE NEXT.

For more information on the CTE NEXT project:
Visit the dedicated page of the TCL website
Visit the CTE NEXT website



The application is open all year round, in any field of public interest, through the appropriate application form.
Your application will automatically access a preliminary check. Only complete applications will be admitted to the subsequent evaluation phase at the "Technical Committee". At any time you can be invited for a meeting or further information on the proposal can be requested.
You will receive feedback on the evaluation in 60 working days, from the day of dispatch. The list of admitted trials will be made public here and on the institutional website of the Municipality of Turin - Procurement page.
For eligible proposals that require specific authorizations, the process may take other 45 days.
To start testing activities, a "partnership agreement” will be prepared - according to the model made available in the "Conditions of participation" section - which will specify the commitments and interests of the company and the City of Turin ( and / or the partners involved) during the experimentation period

1. Carefully read the "Conditions of participation";
2. Download the entire "Application Pack";
3. Fill in all the fields in the "General information" and "Description of the Proposal" directly online.
4. Fill in the "Application Form" and the "Application for Participation", uploading them to the dedicated sections;
5. Upload the identity card of the Legal Representative of the project, a PowerPoint (maximum 3 slides) and other useful documents.

Your application will automatically access an eligibility check. If the "application form" is complete, the evaluation will be carried out directly in the Technical Committee. On the contrary, in the case of an incomplete application, additions will be requested within 60 days, after which, in the event of adequate answers, the proposal will pass to the evaluation phase in the "Technical Committee"; in case of no reply, the application will be archived.

 * The administration reserves the right to temporarily close the "evaluation period" in case the number of proposals exceeds nr. 10, in order to ensure a deep but uniform analysis of the proposal.

REMEMBER: We recommend to fill in carefully the application form so to speed up the eligibility check and the following evaluation procedures. Incomplete or approximate applications will slow down your process towards easy testing within Torino City Lab. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


1. Conditions for participation

Read carefully before proceeding with the completion of the application

Download "Conditions for participation"
Download "Contract Model"


2. Application Pack

Read carefully and fill in the following documents in all their parts.

Download "Application Form"
Download "Request of participation"