Project by D-Orbit S.p.A.

Sunflower is the device designed to increase the effectiveness of photovoltaic panels. It works by using energy in the ambient temperature difference between night and day, pulling and pushing a mechanical set of levers and pulleys to rotate the panel structure on its axes. It does not require electricity and is entirely made up of mechanical parts, allowing a long life cycle comparable to modern solar panels.

The project will have a first part dedicated to the operational design, then the testing activities (mechanical and electrical) will aim to qualify the energy production and structural stability of the product, in accordance with current requirements in the production and installation of photovoltaics. The electrical test will involve a number of photovoltaic panels, all monitored electronically over the course of a few weeks in order to collect and track the behavior of energy production, temperature and movement. Some panels will be installed with Sunflower, others without; in this way it will be possible to draw and measure how much the device will increase the production of electricity compared to normal photovoltaics.

All tests will be carried out using D-Orbit models and procedures currently in use for space applications.

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