Synesthesia is a “digital hub”: ideation, design, creation and distribution of digital services and products, to support its partners in an increasingly connected world.

Synesthesia: develops unique and personalised digital projects, supports distribution, adoption and growth, promotes events and training courses at various levels, facilitates synergies in the local market. Synesthesia is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe and works with international and local partners. While dialoguing with the world, Synesthesia belongs to Turin, a workshop-city with a history of scientific vocation. A city in which you can build the future.


Emotion & Technology

Our company proposes its technological know-how, innovation skills, events (local and international) that we organise and which bring together more than 1,500 innovators each year in Turin, as common factors with the Citylab project.

Synesthesia is part of a series of international innovator networks, constantly communicating with universities, research centers, public and private companies focused on digitisation issues. Synesthesia is happy to share their relationships and connections with Torino City Lab.

Synesthesia Srl
Corso Dante 118 - 10126 Torino, Italy
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