The objective of the Project is the creation of tourist destinations, of interest to both citizens and tourists, using storytelling as a privileged tool for the development of content and routes.
It is based on the use of beacons, installed in fixed or "wearable" positions and a cloud application, usable by IOS and Android smartphones; it does not require the presence of a pre-installed App; it is aimed at a multi-lingual and multi-cultural target.

Main objectives:

  • To develop tourism of "minor" destinations, in particular in the suburbs and in the areas of new immigration; the experimentation will concern some areas of the Aurora district and of the "Quadrilatero".
  • To develop "Participatory Sensing", i.e. the creation of an open space to allow user communities, stimulated by "stories", to express opinions, interests, needs and expectations.
  • Encouraging access by tourists to the back regions of the premises, for a more "authentic" experience of the place you are visiting.

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