Experimental duration 2018/2019

"TOO(L)SMART: tools for the informed and inclusive management of urban policies for Smart Cities" is a project aimed at the implementation and dissemination of #SmartMe, a good practice already implemented by the University of Messina, which has allowed to implement in the city of the Strait a widespread network of sensors useful to collect data on the urban physical environment and to encourage greater interaction between technologies, citizens and Public Administration. The University of Messina closely with the university spin-off smartme.IO has improved and adapted what has already been done previously in the #SmartME activity so that the technological solution developed could be shared with the other administrations involved.

The TOO(L)SMART project, which sees the City of Turin as the leading body and the municipalities of Lecce, Padua and Syracuse as "reusing" the good practice, was judged the best among those presented at the Open Community PA 2020 – Pon Governance 2014-2020. For its realization will be able to count on a total funding of 680 thousand euros.

The project aims to co-construct, in a logic of intervention open to the contribution of individual partners, an integrated system of collection and use of data on spatial variables that strengthens the ability of local authorities to respond to the increasingly complex problems inherent in the urban dimension and, at the same time, generate opportunities for innovation and economic development.

Specifically, the excellence of the #SmartMe project - such as the technological infrastructure based on cloud computing and open software and hardware for the implementation of sensor networks and digital services, as well as participatory aspects (Open Lab and crowdfunding) of civic involvement and monitoring - will be analyzed, adapted to local contexts and implemented in real conditions.

The idea is to test new models of informed and participatory management of local policies through a set of ICT tools and management and organizational processes that can ensure sustainability and cost-effectiveness, while stimulating the market for digital social innovation.

The project will therefore create an integrated infrastructure for the widespread monitoring of territorial variables using the latest technological innovations (in the context of IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service and Iot - Internet of Things), providing the reusing entities with solutions to simplify and make transparent administrative processes, as well as to stimulate innovation and competitiveness of the economic system.


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/ Beneficiary / Lead partner institution: Municipality of Turin

/ Reusing entities: Municipality of Lecce, Municipality of Padua, Municipality of Syracuse

/ Transferring entities: Municipality of Messina, University of Messina

/ Resources allocated: 684,450 euros

/ National Operational Programme Governance and Institutional Capacity: Axis 3. Objective 3.1. Action 3.1.1

/ Directed by: Managing Authority