Torino Stratosferica is a collective city imaging project. Its aim is to construct a powerful narrative through images that enhances the city's potential and its international positioning.

With its cultural and research activities, this innovative experiment aims to nurture reflection on an ideal city, a Turin at its best, and thus to give life to original, courageous, contemporary visions for its places, inhabitants, activities and services, and the general perception of the city.


An experiment of city imaging


Torino Stratosferica proposes to collaborate with Torino City Lab, contributing to the aims of the project with the many diverse skills at its disposal. In particular, the association can offer, in a form to be defined, the knowledge that comes from the international network built up over seven years of activity, which includes Italian and international experts in urban innovation, architecture and placemaking.

In addition to an international network of experts of great strategic value, Torino Stratosferica can provide expertise in the production of content related to urban issues. The association is by vocation a multidisciplinary reality, which operates with transversal professional skills connected to several areas: urban studies, branding, communication, architecture, social innovation, city making.

Luca Ballarini
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