Winter Road Maintenance 4.0

Project by Giletta S.p.A.

Winter Road Maintenance 4.0 is a project of Giletta S.p.A, a leading company in the production and sale of intelligent snow and ice removal equipment for roads and airports.

It is a system to make the maintenance of snow-covered roads more efficient, making it possible to automate the salt spreading service, working on two sides. The first based on equipment technology, to achieve the "Automatic Operating System" without the need for manual changes for the driver who can, in this way, concentrate on driving the vehicle without having to operate the salt spreading and snow plough equipment. The second on road infrastructure, which uses sensors and transmission systems to create an intelligent network between WRM vehicles, ground infrastructure and satellite technologies.

To elaborate the solution, the company used the information from digital map maps to create "known" missions to be downloaded on the equipment controls, while for the adjustment of the salt dosage - important for the respect of the environment - it is necessary to process the data of the weather stations present on the routes and those provided by the various weather managers. It has also been equipped with new sensors that allow to know in real time the road conditions (snow, water, ice, etc.) and radar to evaluate the real width of the roads to be treated.